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M. I. Hummels Marks of Authenticity

Collectors and admirers all over the globe agree that the artistry and quality of authentic M.I.Hummel products are beyond compare. Only genuine M.I.Hummel figurines are created according to the strict quality control procedures established by Goebel and Sister Hummel back in the 1930's.

To determine if a figurine, plate or bell is a genuine M.I.Hummel piece, there are definitive marks of identification. The first is the signature of Sister M.I.Hummel incised on the base of most every piece. When Sister Hummel made her historic contract with Franz Goebel, it was agreed that her signature, her personal stamp of approval, would appear on every piece. It does so, to this day. The only exception appears on figurines without bases or any adequate surface to display the signature.

The other definitive identifier is the Goebel stamp on the underside of the figurine -- the official Goebel trademark. Though the look of the trademark has varied since 1935, every authentic M.I.Hummel figurine will have a Goebel stamp on its underside. The backstamp currently in use was created in 1991 in celebration of the reunification of Germany. It incorporates a "wide-crown WG" mark with the company name, and "Germany" as the country of origin. Over the years, any change in the backstamp has been a source of excitement for M.I.Hummel collectors.

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